Excellent Engineering et Efficient Execution

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Excellengi Foodtech and Engineering Consultancy combines decades of experience in food industries, agriculture and engineering projects executed in multiple countries.

We also specialise in customising automation programming for increased production output with better quality and more precise control on quality.


Our highly specialized team has members from Canada, USA and India. The founders and team members have global education with rich and extensive valued working experience in India, Canada, China, France, USA & Ireland.


For Foreign companies and investors willing to participate in the fast expanding and promising food processing sector in India, EF&FC offers a wide range of services from conception of a project to execution and completion, especially for companies from Canda along with those from USA, EU, UK, China and other countries.


We have our head office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Our regional office is in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

We also have our special service representatives in multiple cities of India,

along with USA and Ireland.

Please contact us for your customised requirement. We wish to serve and satisfy you.


We are launching our services in Canada and India shortly

This will be followed by launch of our services in USA and Ireland.

We shall be launching our full services all over the world from

15th August 2019.